Bulk discount fire extinguishers

Buy More Online and Save Money

Following the successful launch to our fire extinguisher online business we are pleased to announce the introduction of a series of corporate discounts available for clients wishing to bulk purchase their fire protection equipment.

With discounts ranging from 10% through to an amazing 50% off the published prices of fire extinguishers on fireextinguisheronline.com.au the team at FPO Group are sure the new pricing structure will offer bonus discounts to those businesses wishing to buy in bulk, added to this you can even purchase your fire extinguisher units online with a unique discount code.

With distribution depots available in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane many companies can now benefit from the amazing offers, and with FREE delivery for any orders over $300 in these areas the deals become even better.

How to Purchase Fire Extinguishers in Bulk

Purchasing fire extinguishers in bulk, like we said, is very easy – all it takes is a web enquiry, we can help you purchase as many fire extinguishers as you need, no matter how many that may be.

Why not request an online quote here and see how much you can save when you bulk buy your fire extinguisher units direct online.